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August 7, 2021

I was going to post this in the other thread, but I couldn’t fit it all into one post, so here it goes. My husband has been in the military for over a year and we’ve had our ups and downs with the transition from active duty to the civilian life. The biggest thing we’ve learned is that in our post-military life, we spend too much time thinking about what we don’t have instead of what we do have.

After a year in the service, we finally moved into a house. It was a small two-story house on a nice street with a pool. The house was pretty nice, but the pool was the worst part. It was full of algae and weeds and even the plants were dying. It was disgusting.

Because the people they work with are lazy, they aren’t really interested in taking over.

My wife and I had the chance to move in with two other people a couple of months after the divorce. We had a nice house in a nice neighborhood and a nice pool in a nice neighborhood. We didnt like it, but the people were ok. But being in a new place with a new people can be really hard. We spent most of our time just sitting around and trying to figure out who we were and what the hell we were doing.

The first person we met, a guy named J.J., was as smart as you could get. He had a degree in Physics with a minor in Computer Science. He was as cool as could be. But the first time we hung out was over a game of paintball and he didnt even know his name. Eventually we figured out, he was a friend of J.J.’s father. They had a lot in common, and when J.J.

decided to help us out, he told us that his father was a big time drug dealer. The next day we drove over to J.J.s house to ask him about it. We showed him the phone number and he wrote it down right then and there. But like everyone else, he had never met his father. We asked him if he knew anything about his father, but he just shrugged his shoulders and said, “I dont know anything about him”, and then left.

So we decided to call the number, and our first call was answered by the same exact person as the previous time. Turns out the number belonged to J.J.s father, and he was on the phone with him. What an incredible coincidence. Well, maybe not an incredible coincidence, more like a dream.

J.J.s father was killed by a man who was hired by one of his daughter’s boyfriends. The boyfriend, who was also on the phone with his father, was called by J.J.s father. So J.J.s father was on the phone with his son in the same room. It’s a neat little plot twist that’s both creepy and hilarious.

The plot twist is that J.J.s father was on the phone with his son from the previous time. There’s a nice twist of having a father who died a few days before the previous time and his son on the call back to him. Then there’s the fact that J.J.s father had a really bad attitude and was a jerk.

The plot twist is really pretty neat. This is one of those situations in a story where you feel like you’re in a time loop. The fact that you’re on the phone with your dad makes you seem so much more important than the other people around you, which in turn makes him seem so much more important than the other people around you.

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